w c feltergood loansHaving experienced the present Loan situation firsthand (along with millions of others), I decided to dedicate myself to the question of financing the basics of the modern life.

While a “home” is definitely not a modern idea, it has been considered a necessity since man climbed down out of the trees, signed a mortgage, spread his twigs and leaves in a cave and popped the top off a cold Bud Light.

Shortly afterwards the ladies sitting around a smokey BBQ pit in the middle of the livingroom found themselves discussing a “hottie” in the neighborhood who had tied catfish to the soles (sic) of her feet and was clompping around the husbands with her derriere hoisted curiously into the stratosphere.  The wives noticed that the husbands noticed, so it quickly caught on. Now, the husbands were dieting along with the wives (fish had become too expensive to eat).

Today Nikes (some with heels) are a necessity along with $20 a gallon gas, iPods, a Harvard M.B.A., sex counseling, gourmet cat food, etc.

Anyway, in an attempt to provide assistance to those caught in the current “crunch”, I’ve searched the internet far and wide for affordable loans for those bearskins, sheepskins, Maseratis and tri-level tree houses as well as the health insurance that Obama has assured us is no longer a “luxury”.  Bye the way, which one was Tonto, Obama or Kennedy?

Join in the discussion here with comments, observations, opinions, advice, donations, your sister’s phone number…whatever.

Oh, and bye the way, don’t be fooled by this “slick” website; the Google ads should be more or less “legit”.

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