bad credit loan indianhead pennyBad Credit Loan statistics show that Americans carry somewhere between $2,500 and $8,000 in credit card and related debt.

It can take years to pay off credit card amounts by making just the minimum monthly payments. Throw in a car loan, student loans, a mortgage – and the dollar amounts can start to look frightening very quickly.

It can get a lot worse for people who are forced to borrow money after losing a job, are hit with health problems or have a marriage fail.

So-called “problem debtors” have it bad, according to numbers compiled by the nonprofit credit counseling agency Myvesta. Their clients in financial crisis had unsecured credit card debt of $77,036, up from $52,201. Mortgage debt jumped from an average of $168,129 to $207,958 last year.

The people in crisis carried an average of 11.3 credit cards, up from 8.1 a year ago. Cash flow was a negative $2,468 a month.

Steps to Getting a Bad Credit Loan

Face it, sometimes even bad credit loans will not be available to people with critically damaged credit.

Not everyone has an exceptional credit history and a high credit rating. For those with less-than-perfect FICO scores, there are still some options available. It can be difficult, but it is possible.

First go directly to your bank or credit union and get their in-house assistance. Every bank and lending company have financial officers that will answer your questions, help with your application and determine your credit score. Your FICO score is basically a reflection of how responsible a debt payer you are.

Lenders will evaluate your credit history by reviewing your “credit report”. This is one of the main factors in the decision whether to give you a loan or not. Having a bad credit score does not imply that you are a financial failure, but defaulting on payments is a sure way to make it onto a “blacklist”.

You may have a bad credit score if you have either made late payments, skipped out on bills, declared bankruptcy, been repossessed, foreclosed, etc. Well, forget about the past, focus on the present and get to work changing your credit rating.

For starters, you’ll probably need to do some “clean-up”. Give yourself at least 6 months to make good prompt payments of all your debts and you will find what a difference it makes in your credit score.

The goal is to have you score climbing consistently higher, setting yourself up for future loans and better interest rates. The more stable you are financially, the more likely lenders are to give you money without a lot of restrictions. It always pays to raise your credit score.

Many people believe that individuals with bad credit will never get a bank loan. But the fact is that people, even with the worst credit, do get approved. There are financial organizations that specialize in bad credit loans. But, they will charge you.

These lenders make loans that other lenders won’t. They are often known as “sub-prime” lenders because they provide loans considered below standards set by common banking practices. Given that these lenders are taking higher risks, financial regulators let them to add higher interest rates than are normally permitted the banks.

Bad Credit Loans from Car Dealers

When you are looking to buy a car with bad or poor credit it doesn’t leave buyers with lots of options. Occasionally their only choice for finding a lender for their new car purchase is through a car dealer loan.

Car dealership loan deals are not as bad as a lot of people may think. However, it is certainly true that they may hide a lot of surprises so if you are in fact planning to use a car dealer loan you should be extra vigilant.

The first thing that you need to watch out for is if the interest rate happens to be fixed. By fixed I mean that it’s clearly stated in your contract and that all of it is written in a way that it wouldn’t allow the car dealership to change it at a later date.

What lots of car dealerships tend to do is approve your car loan application, have you sign the documents, and hand you over the car.

After that later on they just give you a phone call and state that in fact you do not qualify for the loan because you have poor credit (which is something you already knew to begin with) and that you must pay higher interest rates in order to keep the car. If you fall into this situation you should try to either find a loan from another lender or report the scam and fight back.

Another extremely popular scam done by car dealers is to make you look for a cosigner for your loan convincing you that this is the absolutely only way that you can get financing since you have a terrible credit history.

It won’t be difficult to convince you at all. First of all it sounds pretty reasonable and second of all the car dealer will cause you to believe that this will in fact repair your poor credit profile.

Later on you will discover that your name isn’t including in the loan documents and that the loan is in the name of the cosigner only even though you are paying it. Not only is this illegal but it also may lead to serious penalties but it’s not helping your poor credit at all. If a dealership offers such a thing you absolutely must refuse.

If you’re a poor credit consumer and have difficulties in finding a good loan, it’s pretty obvious that you shouldn’t overstretch yourself. What this mean is to buy a reasonably priced vehicle and not to buy into all of the extras like the extended warranties for example.

However, many different car dealers will end up trying to trick you by making you believe that you must buy a warranty that will increase your loan just to qualify.

Since you are in a desperate situation you would end up saying Ok. However, if you for one second think about it, you can plain as day see this is simply a trick to increase your loan costs

Besides higher interest rates, you may be subject to other fees and restrictions. For example, a “point” is a fee charged onto your loan which represents 1% of your loan amount. Individuals with good credit occasionally do not pay any points, while those with bad credit can pay up to 4 or 5 points.

It’s always easier to find a loan if you can “secure” it. With a secured loan, you consign your home, car, or some other tangible asset as “collateral” to guarantee your loan. This reduces the risk and increases the chances of getting your loan. A co-signer will also make it easier to find a lender.

You are searching for a lending company that does business with people with problem credit primarily; and does not refuse bad credit loan applications automatically. These companies will charge individuals higher interest rates, its loan approval rate is much higher.

Online Banks and payday loans are easily found websites that advertise bad credit loans to people with bad credit, or no credit at all. These online banks generally have more competitive interest rates than brick and mortar banks due to their lower operating costs. Payday loans are available to almost anyone with a job and a bank account.

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