mortgage buyersMortgage Buyers are ready when you decide to sell your owner financing (mortgage, trust deed, land contract). Mortgage buyers can help you to pay bills, make another investment, travel, or just get rid of the worry of payment collection, tax reporting, and default and foreclosure for non-payment of the mortgage, insurance or taxes.

The government also has various programs aimed at helping families who are having difficulty. New commitments promise several steps that will benefit consumers including:
• Lowering the cost of getting a mortgage.
• Expanding availability of low down-payment mortgages.
• Working to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Sales of new U.S. homes have fallen to the lowest level in 20 years after decades of unprecedented growth and the strongest home-buying period on record. New home sales are at present fairly stagnant as buyers await the economy’s recovery. The median sales price for a new home fell to $197,600 in December from $204,300 a month earlier. For the year as a whole, the median sales price hit a record high $193,400.

As sales have dropped, the inventory of unsold homes on the market rose in December to the highest level since June 1989, pleasing the mortgage buyers. This represents a 5 months’ supply, the largest since February. Although it’s still considered a buyers’ market, sellers have been gaining strength with the strengthening economy.

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