Every California Real Estate School is subject to the CA Dept of Real Estate (DRE); which enacted the nation’s first real estate license law in 1917. California real estate schools serve as models for many other states and enjoy a nationwide reputation in the training of real estate agents.

The revenue necessary to operate the DRE is derived from fees charged for licenses, subdivision public reports, and various other permits issued by the Department. Employees operating from District Offices in five cities (Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego) carry out the Department’s responsibilities as mandated by the Real Estate Law and the Subdivided Lands Law.

The Real Estate Commissioner is appointed by the Governor, and serves as the chief executive of the Department of Real Estate.

The Commissioner appoints a Real Estate Advisory Commission comprised of ten members: six California real estate brokers and four public members. The Advisory Commission, presided over by the Commissioner, meets and consults on policies of the Department at public meetings held at least four times a year. The Commission also helps to determine how the people of the State of California may best be served by the DRE, while at the same time recognizing the needs of the industry it regulates.

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