el dorado hillsEl Dorado Hills is located in the lower Sierra Nevada foothills in western El Dorado County about 25 miles east of Sacramento. U.S. Highway 50 is the primary route through El Dorado Hills and divides the district into north and south. The area within the current El Dorado Hills Community is about 18,037 acres or about 28.2 square miles.

Much of El Dorado Hills consists of gently rolling to steep terrain. Flat ground is rare, and there are few opportunities for traditional park lands with large turf areas. The steep hillsides remain as open space and they contribute to the rural character of the community. The open space serves primarily for passive use rather than as active use areas.

The population adds about 1,000 persons per year with an average of about 350 housing units. The population of the community is projected to double by the year 2015 to an estimated high of 43,394 persons. The ultimate potential population will be more than 58,000 persons when the projected full development of all plan areas occurs.

The El Dorado Hills district is governed by a five-member elected board of directors, has a full time staff of 33, and owns and manages almost 170 acres of land including 134 acres of parks of which 15 are undeveloped and 33 acres of open space.

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