geico insuranceGEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., was founded in 1936. Geico Insurance has assets of over $12 billion. Founders Leo and wife Lillian Goodwin established Geico in Washington, D.C., marketing auto insurance to federal employees and the top three grades of non-commissioned military officers. By the end of 1936, there were 3,700 GEICO policies in force and a total staff of 12 people.

After nearly 40 years of steady growth the company began to decline in the 1970′s. In 1996 Geico was bought by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway investment firm which began a massive nation-wide advertising campaign. The company shot upward.

The Geico Gecko began appearing on television in 2000 and quickly became an advertising icon. Because the name “Geico” was often mispronounced, “GEICO” became “GECKO.” This very proper (and popular) “English Fellow” now makes special appearances at community events around the country.

Geico has over 5 million policyholders, and 22,000 associates serving more than 5.3 million auto policyholders. There are 11 Geico operation centers across the United States.

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