mercury insuranceMercury Insurance, founded by George Joseph in 1961, has become the leading independent broker and agency writer of automobile insurance in California and has been one of the fastest growing automobile insurers in the nation. Mercury Insurance is ranked as the sixth largest among all insurers in California, with total assets over $2 billion. Mercury also underwrites automobile insurance in Texas, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia, and New York.

Forbes Magazine has called Mercury “one of the best managed property and casualty insurers anywhere in the country,” Mr. Joseph one of “America’s Most Powerful People,” and has been on their “Best Big Companies” list for four years running. Among America‚Äôs first auto insurers to establish an investigative unit to combat fraud, saving tens of millions of dollars, which benefits policyholders by lowering premiums.

The Mercury Insurance Company refuses to insure drivers who, within three years of their application, have had three or more accidents, regardless of fault. This is also grounds for non-renewal for current customers. They may also refuse drivers based on information such as an applicant’s criminal record, credit score and current employment status, particularly when the applicant has been found guilty of stealing or fraud, and if the applicant is unemployed with numerous negative entries in their credit history.

Mercury also turns away applicants who are purchasing insurance for ineligible vehicles which include, but are not limited to, discontinued vehicles, vehicles from countries where political turmoil may interfere with service (such as the Daewoo line,) and vehicles considered to be too high a risk, (such as a Lamborghini and certain vehicles of the Porsche make.)

Mercury insurance may decide not to renew your policy if your driving record gets decidedly worse or you have a number of accidents. What represents an unacceptably bad driving record is subjective, but some accidents such as those caused by drunk driving, will likely trigger a non-renewal from almost every insurance company.

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