oceanfront real estate steinhatcheeOceanfront Real Estate, from high-rise condos to screened in rural bungalows, appeals to just about everyone. Expensive oceanfront real estate near metropolitan centers such as New York, Miami Beach, San Diego, Seattle, etc. may be only for the rich and famous, but others may actually prefer the more private, rural, and affordable areas off the “beaten path”, areas like Steinhatchee, Florida.

The Steinhatchee River languidly winds its way between its namesake on one side and the little town of Jena on the other. The river is in fact the Main Street of both towns. The river empties into the Gulf of Mexico about 4 miles from town, or as one local puts it, “only a blunt and a 40 away”. This part of the Gulf delivers some of the nation’s best fishing — snapper, trout, grouper and more. In July and August, during scalloping season, visitors with nets, flippers and snorkels descend on Steinhatchee, all determined to get their share of the abundant catch.

When the town got a 911 emergency calling system a few years ago, everyone had to finally name their streets. Other than that, Steinhatchee’s oceanfront real estate is pretty quiet.

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