TN Real Estate spans our nation’s history from the Smokey Mountains to the Mississippi delta. The state of Tennessee is second only to Virginia in its number of American presidents, and of the number of battles fought on its soil. The last state to leave the Union it was the first readmitted after the Civil War. Tennessee provided more soldiers to the Confederacy (and to the Union) than any other Southern state. Among its legendary sons are Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson, and Sam Houston. The Volunteer State gets it name from the great number of its citizens that volunteered for the Mexican War.

Tennessee real estate is the perfect home to all manner of flora and fauna with its bubbling springs and majestic rivers, virgin forests of evergreens and hardwoods, and wide expanses of grasslands and canebrakes. The wildlife along the Tennessee waterways is varied and plentiful. The freshwater fishing is some of the best, and birds of both northern and southern latitudes migrate and nest here. Most varied of all the life on this land is its plants, 1,500 species with at least 300 of medicinal value.

The springtime mountains of the east are brilliant with rhododendron, azalea and laurel, and the Dogwood in bloom is truly awesome. Middle TN real estate horse country is perfectly situated in the cedar groves and bluegrass grazing regions of the Central Basin. West Tennessee woodlands and clearings are alive with lilies, orchids and rye grasses, and the rich soil and abundant water yield valuable crops of corn, soybean, and cotton.

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